Percy Way’s voice has often been associated with David Bowie’s vocals, although nothing really connects these two artists together, besides the fact that it’s almost certainly their musical approach of rock 'n' roll that creates that similarity.

Percy is a long time song writer and music producer with some proven track records over time, producing his own music and producing other artist’s music as well.

The heat and density seething in Percy Way’s music (and personality) is probably explained by the fact that he was born at the foot of a dormant volcano, on an island in the Indian Ocean. But there's nothing like a dormant volcano! 

A rich musical path that has led him in the past to back stage 70’s artists such as Meat Loaf, Black Foot, The Romantics, Wishbone Ash, among others, doing session recordings for other bands, producing artists with different musical background, directing music videos, making a cover song which became a hit in Paris in 2003, acting in commercials and theater plays, creating music for movies, thus developing his talents and stretching his experience.

His new album project has pushed him into taking the reins entirely of every creative aspect of it: from writing, recording, mixing to the production, bringing the songs into “a more intimate focus”. Percy Way layers the bass, the guitar lines, the keyboards, the vocals and every single sound on every song being currently recorded.

New upcoming album scheduled for November 2016.
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